Thursday, December 4, 2008

It's officially Christmas at the Clay house!

Close up of some of my favorite ornies

Our tree which after three years of begging from Jordan I still won't part with. He wants pre-lit, but I just can't imagine life without this tree. We bought it together on our first Christmas dating! :)

View from the side. I moved the tree into the middle of the window this year instead of putting it in the corner for more ornament coverage! LOL!

My special Precious Moments nativity. It was given to me by my Aunt Amy, it had belonged to her mom who died of breast cancer a few years ago. I plan on checking out Ebay and someday making the entire collection complete for my kiddos to fight over someday! (yeah right)

A few of my special snowman buddies!

The special plate where Santa can always find some cookies on Christmas Eve!

Just a few of the extras I put out this time of year. I love the believe star pillow.

My very favorite snowman. (I know mom's aren't supposed to have favorites) But this fella came to live with us after many dropped hints to Jordan one year about what I would like for Christmas. He totally came through and this fella has been a member of our family ever since!

The kiddos stockings hung on a peg rack, since we aren't lucky enough to have a mantle or fireplace! Maybe someday when I get to renovate an old farmhouse somewhere!

Another fun snowman that hangs out in our dining room.

Love the spray with the jingle bells and berries!

My believe sign is usually in my tree, but little hands have lead me to find a new home for it this year! I would hate for it to fall out of the branches and knock and unsuspecting baby on the noggin!

My dough bowl of Jingle bells on my dining room table. I am not sure why, but I absolutely love jingle bells. I seem to hunt them out where ever I go this time of year and my collection has been growing and growing. I think in a few years this bowl may have to be replaced with a bigger spot for all of them!

So as you can see Christmas is clearly my holiday of choice! I must admit it took a little extra motivation this year to get into the spirit. But I am glad that I finally did. The kids have been extremely good with the tree and new decorations. A house just always seems so much cozier when it is lit by the glow of christmas lights!

Hope you all have a great Friday!


Audrey said...

Beautiful decorations!

terri d said...

Very pretty it makes me want to get in gear and finish my decorations. i have to work again today (Sunday). All the holiday cakes have to get iced by someone!!!

Hugs Terri

Paige said...

Your house looks amazing!! I love the decor, every last bit of it!! Your so talented and I'm SO jealous! lol