Monday, September 15, 2008

The aftermath!

Sweet new baby doll, and the stroller she loves from the Cosby family!

Her new tent, which her daddy and I thought would be soooo much smaller! I am giving this about a week in the middle of her room before it goes downstairs!

Granmom got her this pillow made with all her favorite farm animals! Super cute!

The magic tea set that I thought she must have.....note to self any toy over two pieces is too much to pick up from the floor on a daily basis!

She loves the car, even though she has yet to figure out how to make it go forward! :)

The slide will also get to stay in the living room for the rest of this week, then it can make a home in the basement too!

Not one but two Ernie's! The girl was in heaven. The one on the right even falls out in the floor laughing! It is hilarious! Thank you Lee family!

Just a few of the best gifts Kyndall thought she got. Which now this momma has to find room for in our ever shrinking house! Good thing she doesn't realize yet that if it makes noise, goes off at night by itself, or leaves marks on my walls it immediately gets to live in the basement! I dread the day she figures that out! :) J/K.....I will let her keep all of them in their own designated spot. I just have yet to figure out where exactly that is for all of them! Wish me luck! TTFN!

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