Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day Festivities!

Hayden Grace and Kyndall beating the heat, redneck style! It was too hot to even wear swimsuits!

Besties for ever! These girls are soooo sweet and soooo funny too!

The daredevil, getting ready to slide! I think the girls diapers had soaked up half of the pool at this point!

Mid-way through the day and the babies were tuckered out! This was the first time Claire and Keaton had ever really hung out in public in just their diapers! Please don't call CPS on me! Ha, ha, ha!

Having fun in the pack and play. A nice breeze and a few toys and these guys were happy!

Keaton got to sit in a highchair for the first time today. Brandie brought it out onto the deck so he could check out all the action! He loved it!

All the "kids" getting ready to cruise. Ben technically is a teenager....but I still consider him a kid~They all had such a blast playing together.

Daddy and big Chunker. Hard to believe that this guy was 4 lbs 12 oz's when we brought him home from the NICU just 5 and 1/2 short months ago!

The last PG rated shot of the girls! Their diapers weighed more than they did so we let them run buck naked for the rest of the pool time! :)

We had such a fun Labor Day this year. Normally for us this is a holiday that goes by pretty quietly, but this year with all the kids we had a big time! We went over to our best buddies the Lee's and stayed all day grilling out, letting the kids get into the pool, and water balloon fighting. I have never seen our whole family play so hard in my whole life.

Despite the heat Kyndall and Hayden played non-stop from 12 until we left after 8 that night. And they were both soooo good! Sometimes Kyndall has a tendency to love her best buddy Hayden a little too hard and pull her hair, but she didn't have to have a time out all day long!

The big boys Jordan, Shane, Randy and Ben had a major water balloon battle on the golf carts. They ran around like they were 10 years old again. But as I sit here writing this Jordan is asleep face down on the couch so he is obviously paying for his fun today! Ha, ha! I swear both "teams" filled up water balloons for two hours and I am not exaggerating! Jordan has blisters on the top of his fingers from tying off all the ammunition! Maddie and Allie played along for awhile too, but the boys got too rough and they decided pool was a safer place to hang out!

It was nice to enjoy a day with family, good friends, and yummy food! We are sad to see summer ending but we are sending it out with a bang! Hope everyone else had as much fun as we did on their extra day off! :) TTFN!

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