Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The never ending to-do!

So today I have been busy making a list of the few things that I will be able to get done tomorrow in between dropping off my little angels attic stuff and returning at 6 to shop the earlybird sale and I have realized that I could have from here to next tuesday filled with free time and still never get done. So now I am wondering if a list ever really has an end? I mean if you think about it, once you write down one task to complete doesn't it usually just lead to another? I am knee-deep in tying up loose ends for Kyndall's second birthday party and I realize that buying treats for goody bags just leads to me making the tags for them, which leads to me needing to find the right ribbon to tie them off with, which leads to a mad dash to walmart, which I am sure will lead to me seeing something for the party that I forgot I needed!! Shew I am tired just thinking of it. But don't let it seem like I am complaining......the excitement of the list is a good feeling to have. It is nice to mark through each task with a big fat pen mark and move on to the next item, even if that does lead to more tasks. I guess the day the list is done would really be more sad than happy and awfully boring too. So bring it on, I plan on keeping my to-do list as long as possible. You never know where it might lead me! :) I am off to add to my list..... ha, ha, ha!

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