Thursday, September 11, 2008

Best buy ever!

Claire and Keaton lovin' the new seats!!Come on don't they look excited about them!

Big girl Claire!

Bubba Keaton Cheesin'

Well after much hard work getting my clothes and items ready for the little angels attic is finally behind me. Shew! I was quite pleased with all the stuff that I sold and I learned a few tricks that I am gonna use for the next sale. I spent less than I made so that made my hubby super happy. But I have to tell you that the bumbo seats that you see above were by far my best purchase! The babies are so cute in them and I actually got a brand new one in the box and the green seat for less than I would have spent on a new bumbo at toys-r-us. I am glad that I waited! I had been eyeing them in the stores for months, but kept hoping that I would get to them at the sale....I was lucky. After a mad dash into the church during the volunteer sale I was able to scoop up these seats, the Little Tikes Slide set I wanted for Kyndall and an exersaucer all in one trip! You should have seen me lugging it all around. I am sure I was quite a sight! I paid for my big stuff, drug it all to the car and came back in to shop for clothes and toys at a more relaxed pace. I was so excited that I got the top three things on my list and all for so cheap! I was able to take back the little tikes set we had gotten for Kyndall to toys-r-us and got all my big stuff just for the price I had paid for the slide. I love a deal!

So this week is going to continue to be crazy as I finish up the details of Kyndall's 2nd birthday party on Sunday. I made a flying trip to Greenwood mall yesterday to order Kyndall's b-day outfit. Which had not crossed my mind prior to yesterday! I guess I thought the child was gonna go naked! Which would actually be fine with her....lately she loves to take her clothes off. YIKES! While we were there Jordan and I both got new outfits to wear to Erin Cook's wedding on Saturday night. Then I realized that I needed to find somewhere that would blow balloons up on a Sunday. Lucky for me the people at the party one store here in Scottsville were nice enough to make special arrangements for me even though they are not usually open that day. So that was a lucky break. So if I make it to Sunday after 4 then the birthday stress will be over and I can start to focus on our trip to Nebraska which will only be four short days away after this weekend. So if I am not blogging much you can be sure I am here thinking of how I am going to fit three kids and myself's luggage, toys, bottles, clothes, diapers, boppy's, bumbo seats, etc, etc, etc into my tahoe! That should be fun. I love a good challenge!

That is all for now. Off to get Kyndall down for her nap! TTFN!

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Bee said...

I found your blog a few weeks ago. I cannot BELIEVE you had have three adorable little one. They're precious. My little ones are basically all grown now, they're 19 and 15. Both sophomores, one in college, one in high school. Time flies so enjoy those little ones while you have them. Hugs!
Bonita Norris