Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Claire at 6 months 1 week and 6 days old!

Here are some fun facts about Claire Elizabeth right now:

*She rolls from her belly to back, but gets mad after a little while and won't roll the other way!
*Blowing Razzberries is her full time job.
*The girl loves food! Especially rice cereal and bananas.
*Size 2 is what diapers she wears.
*Her favorite paci is blue and white.
*She is my fancy girl, dresses and bows just compliment her good looks!
*For someone who screamed for the first three months of her life she is now really a content baby!
*She likes to sit up and watch the world around her.
*She props her arms and crosses her feet all the time like in the picture above! That is sooo Claire.
*Claire is a whole inch longer than her brother but she weighs less than he does.
*She is a good sleeper at night but only catnaps thru the day.
*Unfortunately she is still allergic to milk and soy proteins. So she drinks a formula called Elecare
*Toys interest her and she has a great grip.
*If Kyndall is around Claire lights up

Overall Claire is just a sweet baby. For the most part she is easy going and she loves people. But she unlike Keaton play by herself and still be happy. She is far less high-maintenance than he! So funny that they are twins and sooo different!

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