Monday, September 15, 2008

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Raabe!!!!

On Saturday Jordan and I went to my friend Erin's wedding at Fountain Square Park in Bowling Green. It was a beautiful setting. She was a stunning bride and all in all it was a perfect day! Erin is my oldest Bowling Green friend. When I first moved to BG and started managing the Buckle she was one of the first people I hired. Her mom and step-dad were like a second family to me before Jordan and I married. Erin was actually one of my bridesmaids and I consider her one of my oldest and best friends here in Kentucky. Though now with all my kids and life being busy we don't get to see each other as much as I would like. She still works in the mall, so whenever I am shopping I always look to see if she is in the jewelry store so that we can chat.

I never really have gotten emotional at weddings but I teared up when I saw her step out of the car, I teared up when they said their vows and I teared up during the toasts at the reception! I am getting to be such a sap in my old age!! I know! But I think every married couple should attend at least one wedding a year, it is a nice time to think back on your own day. A time for me to think of how I was feeling during my own wedding. It made me appreciate Jordan just a wee bit more. It is easy to get lost in day to day details of life. But watching a new couple committ themselves to each other just makes you want to do the same all over again! I enjoyed every minute of it.....and not just because I was kid free!

Erin was beautiful in her gorgeous dress. The long veil and the beaded overlay on the dress were to die for! The musicians at the wedding and the reception were a new group called blue-eyed grass. They were amazing! I have been meaning to look up their c.d. online. We got the pleasure of actually sitting at the same table with them for dinner and chatting. They were great! The reception was held at Brickyard Cafe' and was a nice sit down dinner. Jordan and i thouroughly enjoyed our night out without the kids! I am so happy for Erin and her new husband!

Well that is the last of my weekend update! I may not get to post again for awhile. I am going to be busy this week finishing up packing and prepping for our trip to Nebraska! Hooray! Since Jordan is working nights and going on a big hunting trip, I am packing up all the kids and heading to Nebraska for three weeks on Friday. I am soooo excited to see my family and for them to be able to meet Keaton and Claire. I am only driving by myself to St. Louis. My Aunt Amy is flying from Omaha to STL to meet me and get into my car for the rest of the trip. So I should be okay! Please keep my family in your prayers as we travel over the next few weeks! And please keep me on your list of a prayer for patience as I tackle getting all three kids to Nebraska without losing my mind! :) TTFN!

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