Monday, September 15, 2008

Down on the farm!

Not so thrilled with us singing "happy birthday" to her! :)

However she was more enthusiastic about the cake and ice cream!

Loving her new slide and doing it all while wearing her tutu! What a crazy girl!

Peeking out from inside the tent her bubby and sissy bought for her!

Cake and ice cream round is her day afterall!

With her cousin Madison (far left) and her bestie Ally.

Enjoying pizza with everyone! Yummy!

Her barnyard cup-cake-"Cake"...... We loved it! And she loved the little people toys it came with!

Her favorite Sesame character Ernie! She was soooo happy!

Testing out her new car complete with super big pink bow! Every girls dream!

Pin the tail on the cow, which in all the excitement of too many gifts we forgot to play! Oh well!

The table all set up for her big event.

We used her little people barn as a centerpiece! It was sooo cute!

The goody bags everyone took home. I made the tags and also made tags for the stick horses all the kiddos got.

Each of the cute place settings. It turned out nice and Kyndall loved all the animals on everything!

We had a super busy weekend which commenced on Sunday afternoon with Kyndall's "down on the farm" 2nd b-day extravaganza! The only way it would have been more fun is if her daddy had rented her a horse and not let the cow balloons fly away! Oh well, I kept telling myself they were just balloons but darn it they were mighty cute! :P Cindy kept joking that since it was so windy someone in allen county was going to look up and think a real cow had blown by!

We had a nice crowd despite the rain. It was mostly family and a few close friends. Kyndall for the first time in her life actually enjoyed the party. She understood more about things this year I think. Despite being a little wanderer during present opening, she was surprisingly excited about everything else. Of course she does love to eat so the pizza and cake and ice cream was a no-brainer. She had a blast playing with all her new stuff. Once she opened her tutu and crown and wand from daddy and I she wouldn't take it off the rest of the day. It was worth every penny! Of course she got more stuff than we had room for, but she loved it all. Overall it was a great day. All my work and stress over the planning all turned out fine and now I have a whole five and a half months to rest until the twins big first birthday! I better start planning now! Ha, ha, ha!

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terri d said...

Ivanna cute party idea. She looked like she was in heaven and I love the tutu and the big pink bow!!! I will be praying for you on your trip for safety & patience. Please have fun & be safe. Take care

LMK when you are back.