Monday, September 1, 2008

My scrappin' mojo may be back!

As most of ya know since the twins have been born my "free" time has gone completely out the window. I am lucky to get a chance to go to the grocery alone much less get to play with all my cool scrappy stuff, well my blog readin' friends....times they are a changin'! This weekend on both Friday and Saturday nights after the kids were in bed I headed down to my basement studio and scrapped my little heart out. I stayed up way to late, turned my radio on and made some pages for Ms. Kyndall's album.

I must admit my pages now are not as detailed as they used to be. I focus more on getting it done than feeling like I have it just right. But the way I look at it each page I finish is one more for my family to look back at and enjoy one day when I am gone. And honestly I think they will care more about the stories I wrote in my journaling than they will the fact that I didn't measure the mat around my photo! I actually got two more layouts done besides these but they had elements that were waiting to dry and set so I couldn't photograph them.

So I have my fingers crossed that I will continue on the good path, not fall back into my scrappin' rut. I have enough inspiration and ideas floating around in this head of mine sometimes I think it will explode! I have a feeling that once Jordan gets back on the day shift and my nights are mine all week as well as the weekends, my studio is going to be seeing some serious me time! And I can't stay tuned! :)


p.s. We had an absolutely lovely Labor Day Weekend and hope you all did too. I will post some fun photos tomorrow for all to see our adventures!

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Betty said...

Great layouts!!! Glad you got some scrappin time in to showcase those beautiful babies.

Wanted to let you know I have scrap dates posted on my blog and if your ever this way during those dates - please stop by and say Hi. And even better if you can stay and play!!!