Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Kyndall the day before she turns two!!!

Kyndall is soooo many things right now.....chatty, exploring, ornery! I could go on and on but here are just a few things that stand out about my girl right now before she turns two!

*The girl loves to be naked! Most morning I come into her room to find her naked as a jaybird and laughing like a hyena about it!
*Cheerios, milk and "street-street" (sesame street) are her morning routine.
*She enjoys taking roll at random times during the day. She will name off everyone in the family and either check on their whereabouts or ask me where they are.
*Kyndall is busy all the time!! There is always something for her to be doing in her world!
*She is and always has been our good sleeper. At nap and bedtime she gets her silky bear and paci and heads to her room. Rarely is there a fuss about bed! Which is great!
*The girl loves to eat!! Always has, but her appetite has continued into toddlerhood which is nice.
*Books are her favorite things. It isn't uncommon for her to go into her room and just sit in a pile of books for the longest time looking at them!
*Her new skill is colors. She is learning them all and loves to tell you what color you have on.
*Ernie from Sesame Street is her man!
*She loves her Granmom....which she calls mom-mom. Their days together are fun for her!
*She is a great talker! We call her polly parrot because she can repeat anything!
*The two most surprising words she has learned lately are "osterich" and "ridiculous"!
*Kyndall is an animal lover. For a long time she has named off tons of animals and their sounds. Maybe she will be a zookeeper or farmer when she is big!
*She has always loved her daddy, but lately the attatchment is growing even stronger! She is definetely a daddy's girl!
*Her Weds. and Sunday afternoons are spent with Micca, Brian, Brittany and Jacob.
*Packing things around in boxes and baskets is something she does alot.
*We haven't started potty training yet.
*Kyndall is a dancing queen, sometimes it is just to the music in her head! But she loves to dance!

Kyndall and I have a lot of fun at home everyday. She is really a blast to be around at this age. I can't believe that she is turning two already it seems like she was just a baby! But I know I can't slow things down. I just have to hang on and enjoy each stage as it comes. I look forward to all the new things and accomplishments I will get to see in her future!

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