Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Keaton at 6 months 1 week and 6 days!!

Right now.....

*Keaton loves his blue silky dog.
*Chewing on his hands is a must!
*He is perfecting putting both hands in at once!
*Sometimes Keaton will roll from his back to his belly....but only if he feels like it!
*Keaton prefers to be held over being alone. He is very spoiled by me!
*Keaton outweighs his sissy by over a pound. But he is still the shortest in the family.
*Food is his friend, but he prefers a bottle to having to work at solid foods.
*Keaton loves to talk and be talked to. He could hold a conversation for hours!
*Laughing outloud is something he does often!

Overall Keaton is a jolly fella. He is just so spoiled by me! Jordan says he is a momma's boy, but I don't mind! He likes to hang out with me and I will take all of that I can get! :)

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