Sunday, August 10, 2008

Well I finally caught her! :)

I know, I know this isn't exactly the face of someone that you would think is sneaky! But this girl had us tricked! Since Friday I have been trying to catch her in the act of rolling from her back to her belly.....with no luck at all. See she did it for the first time friday afternoon. Kyndall was down for a nap so it was all clear and safe for Ms. Claire to hang out in her playgym on the floor. I had gone into the bedroom for just a few seconds and when I came back she was on her belly like this! I was super upset, afterall isn't one of the reasons I choose to stay home with my kids so that I don't miss great moments like this? Well needless to say I rolled her onto her back convinced she would do it again and stared at her for almost 20 straight minutes before Mr. Keaton required my attention. No luck. We have tried all weekend to get her to do it in front of us, but three other seperate times we have stepped out of the room for just a second only to come back and find her flipped. It was crazy! So tonight as I was watching my favorite t.v. show that I had DVR'd (big brother, which on a side note my college friend April is crazy, yet so cool! Go Girl!) Claire did the flip right in front of Jordan and I and we both missed it! Right there in front of us! Jordan rolled her back over and in just a few minutes we final got to see her elusive turn over. We were overjoyed! Actually we both cheered so loud that it startled Keaton! Oooppps! Anyway, I am glad that I got to see her in the act, before I know it she will be crawling all over. But she still has yet to go from her belly to her back, which I think is strange so maybe that is coming soon. Next is Keatons turn to try a stunt and see if he can fool us! :)

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