Wednesday, August 13, 2008

can't resist!

Just wanted to share a few more pictures from Kyndall's best friends birthday party this weekend. This is Kyndall and Blake riding around in Maddie's Barbie Jeep. I guess this is the closest her daddy will ever let her get to going out on a date! Blake's daddy even showed him how to open the door. So sweet! Blake is actually the son of one of Jordan's very best friends from high school. Jordan and Scott used to run around together and get into all kinds of messes. So it is kinda funny that now they both have kids around the same age to be able to get into trouble of their own.

Well the twins are calling. TTFN!

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terri d said...

So cute they look like they are a couple made in heaven. Lookout Daddy she will be dating before you know it!!! LOL