Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Her old red boots.

Proud that she put them on the right feet with just a little help from mommy!
Cutting a rug or should I say carpet around the loveseat in the living room.

These boots are Kyndall's newest obsession, and aside from the loud noise that they make as she dances a jig across the kitchen floor, I rather like them. They remind me of my family. My Aunt Amy came to Kentucky to visit us when Kyndall was just ten days old. She brought these boots all the way from Nebraska with her. They have sat in different shelves, nooks, and primitive cupboards in my living room since that day. I swear I never thought there would be a time when my baby would fit them. But she is just about there. Now she is big enough to go get them off of the shelf they sit on and ask us to help her with her boots. That goes to show you how fast time passes. I can't stand to think that one day in the near future she will have outgrown them. I have a feeling that even after she has danced in them and Claire and Keaton get their shot at them, I will never be able to part with them. Somewhere in my house will always be a little pair of red cowboy boots to remind me of this story.



terri d said...

i love those little red boots and probably would never part with them either! My GD had a pink pair I bought her and loved them of course her momma gave me the evil eye everytime she fought to put them on!!!LOL

Enjoy them!!!


Val gal said...

those are the cutest boots! I love your blog, very creative!