Thursday, August 28, 2008

family picture day!

My big bubba Keaton and sweet Claire. Could these babies look any more different? It is hard to believe they occuppied the same belly for 33 weeks.

Cheesin' as usual! But such a big boy sitting up by himself in the bucket.

The mandatory family picture. "Boo Hiss" about how I look oh well! I am still waiting on the camera that takes off twenty pounds. You would think in this day and age..... :)

Almost six months old! I can't believe it!

Kyndall was hard to get a shot of, but she loves books so I brought a few to bribe her with.

I posted awhile back that we were having our family pictures made by a photographer I hadn't used before. Her name is Nikki Wolfe and she is local here in Scottsville. I was given a gift certificate to her way long ago at Kyndall's baby shower! So I had hung on to it for well over two years! Anyhow, we finally used it and we are so pleased with the results. She had a great studio location and was so fast with getting everything done. She took enough shots to get us fifty wonderful proofs in less than an hour and a half. That is including outfit changes for the kids! Which is no easy feat with three little ones! So I was over the moon that she made it pain free and a great experience for us! Her website is and I would highly recommend her for any occasion. I love that she gives you a set of proofs and a c.d. to make your own pictures from. That way it doesn't cost an arm and a leg to have photos to give to family and friends or in my case to scrap with in three different albums! HA! Her prices are good and she will travel to most any location and bring all her good photography ideas with her. So that is my plug for the day. I am one happy customer! :)

Hope everyone has lots of fun plans for the holiday weekend that is quickly approaching. I plan on finishing up my pricing and tagging of clothes, toys, etc for the little angels attic consigment sale. Which for all you shoppers and bargain hunters is Sept 5 & 6 at Broadway United Methodist Church. Also I am looking forward to spending some quality time with my hubby and the kids. Jordan has been working nights this past week and so I have been missing him as he is catching his zzzz's during the day. If any of you have enjoyed the new coffee machines (I think they are called McCafe's) at McDonalds in the Southern Ky area you have my husband to thank! He is an electrician and has to go in at night so the McDonald's can close down in order for everyone to install the machines. So the next time you drink your coffee raise a toast to my husband who makes that yummy espresso possible! Ha, ha, ha. Who ever thought an electrician would have something to do with a drink!

That is all for today! Take time to tell someone you appreciate them!

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Coffee Maker said...

i enjoy everything about the McDonald's McCafe coffees except the goofy name