Tuesday, August 19, 2008

We went to see the mouse.....or is he a rat? Not sure but his name isn't Mickey it is Chuck E.

The girls had a ton of fun in the monster truck! The girl on the far left saw Kyndall and Hayden having so much fun that she just jumped right in! They liked it most when it wasn't on and rumblin' and shakin'. Which was fine for us cause that meant it didn't cost us any tokens!

Hayden Grace was not happy to have to share the seat on this ride. She liked it so much that she didn't want to get off! Kyndall on the other hand wasn't so sure about this one!

This is how Claire felt about her trip to Chuck E. Cheese!

Poor Keaton looks like he could do without all the noisey big kids! How is a fella supposed to nap with all this commotion?

This is how our kids decided to play Skee-ball. Kyndall couldn't understand that you can't walk up the ramp and put them into the holes from there! Oh well, I don't guess she will get to the Olympics in this event!

Overall we had such a great time at Chuck E. Cheese. It was a last minute brainchild of Daddy as we were sitting at home kinda stir crazy on Saturday night. We called up Brandie and loaded her and Hayden Grace into the Tahoe about an hour later and we were off! The girls had a blast. Kyndall was so excited to ride the rides and play games that she didn't hardly even eat her pizza. Which if you know anything about Kyndall....that is completely out of character. She is much like her momma and doesn't miss a meal!

Kyndall liked the carousel best and I think she would have stayed on her "horsey" all night if we had let her. She is just an animal lover so anything along those lines is right up her alley! Hayden's favorite was the ferris wheel type ride. She wasn't even scared when it went up high. We had to drag her off of it to try the other stuff! It was really fun to take the girls out! They are both getting bigger now and I want to take advantage of the weekends to let Kyndall do stuff with her friends since she stays at home with me all week. I am glad that she and Hayden love each other so much. It is good to have friends and great to have ones that have known you since birth!

I think the Chuck E. Cheese character on the stage must be a distant relative to the Santa that comes to the mall every year because the girls reacted the same way to both fellas. They are okay from afar, but get them up close and oh buddy watch out! They were outta the area faster than you can say lickety-split! So I wasn't able to actually get a good photo of them and the places namesake! Oh well, maybe next time!

So that is how the Clay's and their friends spent Saturday evening. Just being a bunch of goofy kids! :) Time for me to catch some zzzz's!


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~~tonya~~ said...

I remember taking my 20 yr old to Chuckie Cheese one time...................................................one time. She was terrified of the mouse. We never went back. AHHH!! Fun times.