Sunday, August 24, 2008

100 things you may not know about me.......

A fellow blogger on one of my favorite websites: challenged some of us to come up with a list of 100 facts about yourself. Kinda of a get to know you thing. But I bet those of you who think you really know me will be surprised at some of them on the list! I thought it was a cute idea and since I didn't have much else to write about today I thought I would give it a try. Gosh can I come up with 100? Here we go.....

1. I am a Christian.
2. I only like green beans from a can. No thank you to fresh or frozen.
3. The only job I ever really knew I wanted growing up was to be a mom...I guess that worked out for me!
4. I can type 101 words per minute.
5. I am superstitous and try to avoid the number 13.
6. My mom died when I was ten years old.
7. The only pet I really think I like is cats.
8. Jordan and I picked out Kyndall's name months in advance, but didn't name the twins until they were hauling me back for my c-section.
9. I change on average 100 diapers per week between my three kids.
10. I used to sell men's suits and accessories while I was at college at the University of Nebraska.
11. I started scrapbooking officially in 1999, but had always taken lots of photos and tried to put them into books of sorts.
12. In college I studied journalism and wanted to be on the news!
13. I was second-runner up Miss Teen Nebraska in 1997.
14. I am my grandmother's oldest grandchild.
15. I love "reality" t.v. and have an extensive DVR schedule that drives my hubby nuts!
16. Cooking is something I am trying to get good at.
17. My week feels incomplete if I miss church on Sunday.
18. I have the most unusual name of anyone in my family....everyone else is normal....Amy, Nic, Jamie, Megan, etc, etc.
19. I love all things Christmas!
20. This is the first time in my life since highschool that I haven't colored my hair. What you see is what you get.
21. I love rap music....for the beats mostly and not the words! :)
22. My husband is my best friend.
23. I loved my job in highschool at an old fashioned soda fountain/pharmacy.
My first car was a 66 Chevelle four door, puke green. I hated it!
25. Each of my three kids have very different personalities.
26. Jeff Lewis from the t.v. show "flipping out" cracks me up!
27. At one time I thought I would love to live in New York City!
28. I miss Nebraska.
29. I dislike folding laundry.
30. My house is decorated in primitives and unique flea market/antique finds.
31. One day I would like to travel all over the country with my husband.
32. I love my myspace and facebook pages, i have reconnected to lots of old friends through them.
33. Chinese food is my favorite.
34. I could spend a whole day reading other peoples blogs.
35. No matter where I end up in life, I will always be a small town girl at heart.
36. Biologically I am an only child but I grew up in a house with four of my cousins.
37. My heroes are my Aunt Amy and Uncle Carl.
38. I lived in 6+ states by the time I was seven.
39. I dislike being alone.
40. One of my favorite color combinations is pink and brown.
41. Singing and sewing are two things I wish I could do well.
42. I love seafood.
43. The jonas brothers song "burnin' up" is my favorite song right now....and no I am not a 12 year old girl! Ha, ha, ha!
44. I was Miss Cass County 1997.
45. Even though Jordan has twin uncles and twin cousins, the possibility of us having twins never occurred to me or him.
46. I have a colossal scrapbook stash in my basement.
47. One of my good friends from college was recently voted of f of "Big Brother 10" which makes me sad cause I wanted her to win! Darn it!
48. Clipping and using coupons is fun for me.
49. My wedding scrapbook has yet to be started.
50. I am too impatient for movies.
51. I used to be a HUGE Debbie Gibson and New Kids on the Block fan!
52. For me real butter is the only way to go.
53. I love watching the Food Network, but rarely try any recipes from the shows.
54. I wish I could scrapbook on a daily basis
55. I have never liked coffee.
56. I love fall. From the pumpkins, to the leaves, to the chill in the air. It all rocks!
57. Singing along to the car radio is my specialty.
58. "Your gonna miss this" by Trace Adkins always makes me cry. ALWAYS!
59. I sleep with my ceiling fan on high.
60. I kissed a lot of frogs before I found my prince!
61. I had a HUGE gap in my front teeth when I was little. Thank goodness for braces.
62. I am saving my money for a Nikon D60 camera.
63. I have been thru both natural labor and a c-section and I don't recommend the latter!
64. I wanted to be on "The Real World" when I was in college, but never sent in an application video.
65. Like a big kid, I prefer to drink milk with my dinner.
66. I truly believe that a picture is worth 1,000 words.
67. I love to make and send handmade cards to my family and friends.
68. When Jordan and I met the only piece of living room furniture I owned was a pink leopard print blow up chair. Seriously!
69. I love to watch college football but don't like the NFL.
70. I will never be over 5 ft. tall. *sigh*
71. I was on the Pom-Pom squad all four years of highschool and I love to dance still!
72. I usually drive everywhere unless Jordan insists it is his turn!!
73. Flip flops for me go with everything!
74. It doesn't really bother me when people mis-prounce my name. It happened all the time when I worked in banking.
75. I have my husband wrap most of the gifts at Christmas time. He secretly enjoys it and he is really good at it!
76. I think big hairbows on baby girls are super cute.
77. I take over 75 pictures every week!
78. Balancing my checkbook to the penny makes me happy and I do it often!
79. 40% off coupons to Hobby Lobby make me smile.
80. I still read my hometown newspaper on a weekly basis.
I never thought that I wanted a boy until I met my sweet Keaton and now I know why boys steal momma's hearts.
82. I hate it when my husband has to work nights.
83. I think being super skinny is over rated!
84. My favorite girl scout cookies are samoas.
85. I spent the first ten days of my twins life sleeping in a different place than them. They were in the NICU and i was discharged after just five days.
86.Organizing things is fun for me. I just don't ever have enough time to do all I want of it!
87. I love all my little cousins as if they were my own kids.
88. Going to the park with Kyndall makes me happy.
89. For me words are a powerful thing....i.e. song lyrics, stories, poems.
90. I can't wait to drive a normal car when my kids get a little older and not a big Tahoe withthird row seats to fit all the carseats in.
91. I am horribly near sighted and long for the day I can get lasik surgery.
92. I am always hot. (As in warm, not as in sexy....ha, ha, ha.)
93. I was always horrible at math in high school, which is strange that I made banking my career!
94. I am super scared of heights.
95. In highschool I could fill up pages and pages with poetry.
I think goose down pillows are the best.
97. This is the year I graduated highschool--1997.
98. My favorite quote is "No matter what, we start and end with family."
99. I still like to cruise when I get the chance!
100. My family is the most cherished thing in this world to me!

Wow that took a lot longer than I thought. And if you made it through all 1oo things you are now officially sick of me! So I will blog ya all later! :)



Sarah said...

Wow. That's alot of stuff. For the record, I have always loved your name--it feels so elegant and classy.

Happy Monday!

mommy2acharligirl said...

Hey ivana, it's paige. I just made a blog like this when I seen yours. I figured it was a good way to keep up out of town family members and all on our lives. I love the 100 things idea also...I kinda stole this from you =) It was actually hard for me to think of 100 random things, but fun at the sametime. Plus I'm working third shift so it's kept me awake! Your blog is adorable and your childern are growing up so quick!

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