Thursday, August 7, 2008

wow....where does the time go?

Well I am super excited to be back in the world of blogging. My computer caught a nasty virus and was down and out for to much time if you ask me. Not that I wasn't busy with the kids and all, but man did I miss the few minutes here and there that I can waste getting on line. Not to mention I never realized how often I went to the computer for help. I never thought of myself as a computer junkie, but I have now come to see that almost daily I will look up a recipe, the weather or just check out something for a "plan" that I have in the works. I am now much more appreciative of my computer and how much better it makes this stay at home mommy feel to have a connection to the outside world. On the upside though, I did find myself writing more cards and letters to folks and using (GASP!) real stamps and snail mail.....kinda pricey but worth it to let people know that you are still alive even though my computer was temporarily dead! So I am back and hope to be a faithful blogger once again. We will see how that goes! TTFN!

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