Thursday, August 7, 2008

growing up!

Just wanted to share a sweet picture that I took of Kyndall and Claire this past month. Both are getting so big. Kyndall is saying words like crazy and is soooo smart. Claire is smiling all the time and wants to roll from her back to her belly in the worst way. This is one of the first times that Kyndall actually "held" Claire and I wasn't scared for Claire's life! :) Ha, ha, ha. I wish I had a picture of Kyndall doing the same thing with Keaton...but life with an almost two year old is unpredicatable! So his didn't turn out so great!


terri d said...

Your babies are so beautiful!!! So nice to hear from you again!!! I work at country oven with some Scottsville people that know you!!

Betty said...

Hey there - Terri pointed me your way! WoW!!!! You have been truly blessed with your precious babies. So glad to hear you are doing great and all is well.

Take care and god bless!